Return to Nagaski

These images are taken from Eric’s private collection, as well as from the Australian war Memorial, with thanks.

The fiftieth anniversary of the end of the Second World War brought about a renewed interest in Eric’s story as well as other Ex-Servicemen.

Eric was invited by the Television program Today Tonight to return to Nagasaki for the first time since being held there as a POW. Eric took the trip with fellow POW Frank Fitzmaurice, as well as presenter Stan Grant. The emotional journey can be viewed in the accompanying video.

Of course Nagasaki has changed immeasurably since the end of WW2 but it must have taken enormous courage by both men to return to what they once called “Hell on Earth”. Eric sums it up best when asked how he will feel when he returns from Nagasaki for the second time, “It will be the same for me as after the war, I’ll try to forget about the whole jolly lot.”