Eric’s Legacy

These images are taken from Eric’s private collection, as well as from the Australian war Memorial, with thanks.

Eric was just an everyday man, but his experiences were extraordinary, and his is just one story out of millions of Australian men and woman who have served this country.

It is important that future generations are made aware of stories like Eric’s, and understand the sacrifices these men and woman made to protect our way of life.

To find out more about Eric’s story, and that of his battalion please visit the thank you page on this website for a list of websites relating to Eric. In particular the 2/2 Pioneer Battalion website has a wealth of information, and meets several times a year to commemorate the Pioneers. The Facebook page set up by Andrew Carter, also on the Thank You page has a wealth of information.

If you want to contact the creator of this web page, or if you have something to add to this site or have found a mistake, please contact Tyson – This website was a pleasure to work on and it gives me much pride to share with you the story of my Grandfather, Eric.